Polar Star Knife Damascus-Lock Blade/Cork Screw Stag

Polar Star Knife Damascus-Lock Blade/Cork Screw Stag
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Polar Star Knife Damascuslock blade/cork screw stag, 4 1/2" when closed and 8" when opened.

Polar Star knives are now available at the Alaska Mint. These knives are handmade in Allendorf Germany. They use a variety of exotic materials for the handles, blades. Guarenteed not to brake under normal conditions.

Hand forged damascus steel (very time consuming) Mixture of tool steel (carbon) and spring steel (nickel) one man holds the steel in a furenace, when it is red hot he pulls it out and four men hammer the steel until cool, then it goes back in the furnace to be reheated. Folded 9 to 10 times making 300 to 400 layers.

This along with the final acid etching brings out the beautiful damascus patterns. The blades are very hard. 58 to 60 on the rockwell hardness scale. Any harder and they become brittle. This makes the blade hold a sharp edge much longer.

Many centuries of craftsmanship are handed down through generations of black smiths. Handles are either mammoth bone or english walnut.

The spine and the two brass liners are hand filed, another very labor intensive process. The folding knifes has a locking blade.

All knifes come with a leather sheath. The gentlemans knifes has a cork screw. Made in Laguiolo France.


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