Official 2020 State of Alaska Gold Proof Set

Official 2020 State of Alaska Gold Proof Set
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2020 Official State of Alaska 


I found a passion in art, particularly in drawing, recalling back to the time my Kindergarten teacher told us to imagine something and draw it on the board. I drew my teacher with color crayons, and I was intrigued by how I can manipulate lines and turn those lines into many forms of shapes and sizes. It was then that I developed a passion for drawing and coloring. To add to that, English was not my first language. I come from Hmong decent, where my parents were immigrants and veterans of the “Secret War” during the Vietnam War Era. They did not speak English, and sadly, they could not teach me. Drawing was my way of writing. I was not taught how to draw, but some how I managed to learn it. I didn’t get to go through the traditional schools and graduate with a degree but was born with a passion to perfect whatever it was I wanted to on paper. Art is a way to escape, an alternate reality, and it brings peace to many. I am now living in Wasilla one of the many beautiful cities of Alaska. I’ve been living in Alaska since 1999. 

Thank you 
Juliet Xiong 


Each year we inspect and hand build a limited number of proof sets, these sets contain 1 of each size medallion, from the 1/20 up to the 1oz. proof. (It does not contain the 3 oz. gold medallion) We build and sell only about 10 or 20 sets each year, this is a very collectible item. Each proof set is contained in a special holder and includes a certificate of authentication, signed by Alaska's Governor Mike Dunleavy. 

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