Official 2019 State of Alaska Medallion in 1oz Pure Gold

Official 2019 State of Alaska Medallion in 1oz Pure Gold
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2019 Official State of Alaska 


Alaska Mint proudly presents the 2019 Official State of Alaska Medallion designed by Natalie Treadwell. Natalie is an Alaskan born visual artist working in the mediums of oil paint, film photography, and natural squid and octopus ink. Her inspiration derives from a passion to share her Arctic perspective and the way of life in the north with those in the world who have not had the opportunity to see the beauty that the final frontier offers. She also studies GIS and cartography with aspirations to better our spatial understanding of the remote reaches of the north, specifically in aiding the efforts to map the Arctic Ocean. 

The design for the 2019 Alaska state coin is a representation of the vibrant ecosystem present in Alaska showing how nutrients are passed though different species. Alaska has one of the most interconnected and expansive natural systems left in the world and the coin design is used to highlight the ways in which our animals and natural plants interact with one another to create the Alaskan wilderness.

These medallions are available in 6 sizes, and 3 metal types, pure silver, silver with gold highlights, and pure 24 karat solid gold. These are minted in limited quantities, and have been popular with collectors for over 25 years. New this year, we are also minting this medallion in golden bronze. These incredibly detailed coins are minted from pure 24k gold. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1/20 of an ounce to a 3 ounce "Alaskan Size" gold coin!  Because of the limited issue, the 1oz gold medallion sells for $400.00 over the market price of gold, please call us for the most current price for this coin. 

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