Official 2017 State of Alaska 1oz. Silver Proof-Like Medallion

Official 2017 State of Alaska 1oz. Silver Proof-Like Medallion
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We are often asked what's the difference between our proof and proof-like medallions. The answer is simply quality. Our proof medallions are created with the collector in mind and are the highest quality. We found that some of our customers were more interested in purchasing a nice, attractive memento of Alaska rather than a collector's item. For these customers we've created a proof-like version of many of our medallions. These coins are struck at a lower pressure just one time on the press, the dies are frosted for these Official State of Alaska medallions. These are a few dollars more expensive than our other proof-likes due to the royalty we pay to the State of Alaska.

Congratulations to Krystelle Masters of Anchorage, Alaska, designer of the new 2017 Official Alaska State Medallion. This years image is a bald eagle catching a fish in front of "Sleeping Lady", Mount Susitna across from Anchorage, with the big dipper, from our state flag, in the sky. These medallions are available in 6 sizes, and 3 metal types, pure silver, silver with gold highlights, and pure 24 karat solid gold. These are minted in limited quantities, and have been popular with collectors for over 25 years. 

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