Large Jade Coin Stand

Large Jade Coin Stand
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This beautiful coin stand is cut from a piece of genuine Alaskan jade, our Official State Gem.  It is made for us at the Kobuk Valley Jade shop in Girdwood, Alaska.

Jade Mountain was originally "discovered" in Alaska by Lieutenant Stoney of the U.S. Navy in 1883 in the Kobuk country of Northwestern Alaska. This solved the mystery of jade implements found on the Northwest Coast, Bering Sea, and Arctic shores of America that were made and used by the Iñupiaq and Yupik People in Alaska for hundreds or maybe thousands of years. 

The dark natural colors and texture of the jade are a beautiful contrast to the mirror-like surfaces of our coins, and are an interesting display when sitting on a desk or shelf at work or in your home. It is a perfect corporate award, company gift, or for graduation, aniversary or birthday. 

This picture shows the stand with a gold relief medallion, the price is for the jade stand only, the medallions are an extra cost.

These jade stands are cut from natural stone, the size, shape and coloration will vary slightly. We leave some of the natural outer skin of the stone to show it's rugged beauty. These stands are approximately 2" X 3" with a groove cut for the coin to stand in.

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Price $124.99