Gold Nugget Cross Pendant - P294D03

Gold Nugget Cross Pendant - P294D03
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  • Item #: P294D03

Gold miners come in to our shop throughout the year with the gold nuggets that they mined that season. These are natural pieces of "placer gold" that are mined from the rivers and streams around Alaska and northern Canada. These nuggets range in fineness from about 75% to 95% pure gold. Some of the other minerals mixed in a natural nugget are silver and platinum. Natural nuggets are very rare, most of the gold mined in the world is from "hard rock" mining, where rock is crushed and small particles of gold are separated out. When we make pendants and other jewelry, the nuggets are left in their natural state.  

This cross pendant is about 1 1/8" tall and features natural gold nuggets soldered into a 14k yellow gold setting and has a .03 diamond mounted in the center.  Natural gold nuggets make very interesting, one of a kind jewelry. They will definitely be conversation starters. Because the nuggets are natural, the nugget shapes will vary. The photo shown is a sample piece. It comes with a gold filled chain and packaged in a gift box. Photos are enlarged to display detail. Please call 1-800-770-6468 for availability of different sizes.


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