Gold Bearing Quartz Heart Pendant set in 14k Gold with Diamonds

Gold Bearing Quartz Heart Pendant set in 14k Gold with Diamonds
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Natural gold quartz is a very beautiful and hard gemstone.  It is about an 8 on the hardness scale which is similar to Sapphire and Ruby. It takes extra time to make this heart shape from the perfect raw stone. This piece is just over 1 inch tall, has approximately .45 total weight of full cut diamonds around the quartz heart, and is mounted in 14k white gold. This pendant comes with an 18" white gold plated chain and gift box at no charge. We also have a nice selection of 14k white gold chains in many diameters and lengths, call for more information. 1-800-770-6468 

Gold Bearing Quartz is a natural gemstone that is usually mined deep underground. Finding snowy white quartz with visible veins of pure gold is extremely difficult. Most of the time, gold mined all around the world is found in microscopic amounts of gold, not at all visible. This very rare stone is then cut into slabs, revealing the gold vein, then it is shaped, polished and mounted into a 14k gold mounting. Because of the veining of the gold, each piece of jewelry is one of a kind! 

All of our quartz pieces have a 5 year guarantee against breakage of the stones under normal use.

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