Damascus Blade Knife with Ancient Ivory "Survival Tool" Handle

Damascus Blade Knife with Ancient Ivory "Survival Tool" Handle
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This custom Damascus blade hunting knife is about 10 1/2" long and comes with a heavy duty leather sheath. The handle is made from an ancient Eskimo artifact, a walrus ivory firestarter, these items are found in the tundra and along the beaches in Alaska and sold to the carvers and artists. It is designed and made here in Anchorage by Alaskan knife maker, Bob Merry. 

Bob and his family have been carving and making knives in Alaska for over 30 years. Each year he spends a month or more in the Arctic wilderness collecting naturally shed antler for his knife handles and carvings. He gets mammoth bone from miners, and artifacts and other materials from hunters that find them while in the back country. 

This custom hand made knife is one of a kind.


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