Alaska Sesquicentennial Medallion with Double Gold Relief

Alaska Sesquicentennial Medallion with Double Gold Relief
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This 1oz. silver proof medallion comemorates the sesquicentenniel anniversary of the purchace of Alaska from Russia in 1867.  For $7.2 million, just 2 cents per acre,  the United States purchased the territory Russia claimed in North America. It was an event of political, economic and social consequence for many people, especially for the Native and Creole people living in Alaska. On March 30, 1867, U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward and Russian Envoy Edouard de Stoeckl signed the treaty in Washington, D.C. Less than seven months later, on October 18, the ceremonial transfer took place in Sitka and the U.S. replaced the Russian administrators.  This 1 oz. pure silver medallion, with 24k gold highlites on both sides, is about the size of a silver dollar, and comes packaged in an airtite container and gift box. The obverse design is inspired by an oil painting "Alaska Purchase" by Emanuel Leutze, the reverse is the official logo of the Alaska Sesquicentennial Committee. Also shown here is a copy of the original check written to purchase the state of Alaska, this check does not come with your coin.

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