Alaska Mosquito 1oz Silver Medallion in Proof-Like

Alaska Mosquito 1oz Silver Medallion in Proof-Like
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This Proof-Like medallion is 1 oz. pure .999 fine silver. It varies from our Proof medallions in finish, packaging and cost. The proof-Like medallions have a frosted or matt finish and are struck only once on our presses. They are packaged in a clear and blue envelope and are less expensive than the Proof quality medallions. The Proof quality medallions are stuck 4-5 times, have a mirrored surface with frosted relief and are packaged in a box and air tight capsule.

This is our Alaska Mosquito design, the Mosquito is Alaska's "Unofficial State Bird".

From Alaska Trekker online:

The Alaska mosquito population is the stuff of legend. There are 35 species of Alaska mosquito. All but a few of these will feed on humans. Mosquitoes are by far the most prevalent bugs, which is why they remain lord of the flies. Every year, they congregate in hordes that are thickest from the Yukon River north to the Arctic Ocean and torment the Caribou and humans relentlessly. There are “safe” times in Alaska if you just don’t want to fight the mosquitoes. That’s before about the 20th of June and after the end of July. They really “bloom” then, but that’s the only bad time.

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