8 Escudos Gold Coin in 18k Bezel

8 Escudos Gold Coin in 18k Bezel
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  • Item #: CF180.18K9

This beautiful pendant features a genuine Spanish 8 escudos gold coin minted in 1739. This coin has nice full features on both sides, and an interesting "square" hole, made back in the day with a square nail, a pirates booty perhaps? I like to think so. We have set a tiny diamond in the hole to give it a finished look.  We mounted this coin in a nice simple 18 karat yellow gold bezel, perfect for either a man or a woman. The total weight of the gold is about 39.1 grams, the coin is approximately 90% pure gold and the frame is 18k or 75% pure. This gold coin is about the size of a US $20 gold piece and weighs almost 1 oz. 

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Price $13,675.00