2019 Alaska Trade Unit 1oz. Silver Medallion

2019 Alaska Trade Unit 1oz. Silver Medallion
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  • Item #: AKTRADE-19

This is our 2019 "Alaskan silver bullion" medallion, 1 ounce of pure .999 silver, single struck and cheap! Our Alaska trade unit is priced just a few dollars over the world silver market (called spot price) the price changes daily, the more coins you buy, the lower the cost. 1-9 coins sell for just $10 each over the silver market, 10 or more are just $7.50 each over, 50 or more are $7.00 over, and 100 or more are just $6.00 over the daily market price of silver!

Call for more information and to place your order, 1-800-770-6468. (Because the price changes daily, you will want to call us to order this item)



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Price $30.00