2012 Official Fur Rondy with 24k Double Gold Relief

2012 Official Fur Rondy with 24k Double Gold Relief
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  • Item #: 3300GRDBL-12

Brittany Kennard, designer of the 2012 Fur Rendezvous collector pin, desired to represent an important part of Alaska history while also capturing the essence of Fur Rondy. Featuring an Alaskan bush plane in flight under the dancing colors of the aurora borealis, and soaring over majestic mountains, the design illustrates a vital means by which the people of Alaska were and are able to support one another and maintain community.

Each year we reproduce the collector button design into our medallions. Since 1986 we have minted the Anchorage Fur Rondy design in Bronze, silver, and pure gold medallions. The silver and gold relief medallions are limited to a maximum mintage of only 2500 combined. This medallion also features our 24k gold relief on the reverse as well as the front.

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