1980 Fur Rondy Collector Pin

1980 Fur Rondy Collector Pin
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This is the 1980 Official Anchorage Fur Rendevous Collector Pin, the design features a polar bear at the top of the ice berg.

Each year since the late 1930's, trappers have been coming into the "big city" of Anchorage to trade and sell their furs, pick up supplies, and let off some steam!  In modern times, the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous is our mid-winter carnival, people travel from around the world to visit Alaska in the middle of the winter for this exciting experience. The sale of Rondy merchandise is what helps to put on this festivity year after year. Rondy pins are a favorite souvineer each year, but complete collections are quite rare and very valuable. The pins originally sell for just a few dollars, but as they get older, some become quite expensive. Each year, the Fur Rendezvous Committee makes a pricelist for some of the different collectibles, we use these prices as our guide and try to offer the pins below the suggested price. We may have other pins not shown here, please send any inquiries to: mike@alaskamint.com

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