1 "Real" Silver Coin set in Handmade 14K Gold Bezel

1 "Real" Silver Coin set in Handmade 14K Gold Bezel
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  • Item #: 14K2453

This pendant features a genuine Spanish 1 real silver coin mounted in a hand made 14k gold bezel. These cobs, were usually minted at or near the site of the mines, little care was taken to make them round, which gives them interesting shapes. They are found on different shipwreck sites, and "buried treasure" sites around the world. This coin is about the size of a US penny.

We offer silver coin pendants like this in 5 different sizes: 1/2 real=dime size, 1 real=nickle size, 2 reales=quarter size, 4 reales=1/2 dollar size, 8 reales=silver dollar size. You can have it in a silver bezal or gold bezal, please call for more information, 1-800-770-6468.

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