Official Fur Rondy Money Clip

Official Fur Rondy Money Clip
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  • Item #: MC3300GR-16

Since 1935, Fur Rendezvous – known locally as Fur Rondy – has proudly represented the pioneering spirit of Alaskans. In addition to more than 20 official cultural and sporting activities, the Anchorage community hosts nearly 50 Rondy Round Town events, offering wacky winter fun for all ages. 

In 2016 we celebrate 81 years!

This clip features our 1oz. silver or gold relief Fur Rondy medallion, the clip itself is a hinge-back style, very heavy duty. It is also available with a 1/4 oz. size coin. The clip shown is the gold relief version that sells for $149.99.

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Price $179.99